Jean Skirts Forever and Ever

About 30 years ago, I was in a vintage shop in The Hamptons……Long Island. The Iconic Lauren Hutton was browsing as well. Maybe she noticed the Oh My Sweet Lord, it is my Idol Lauren Hutton look on my face, and decided to grace me with some amiable conversation. Honestly, she is a girls’ girl……..all about the chat and “What are you looking for?” Explaining my search was for a vintage jean skirt, her response was “Well, that’s crazy, sweetheart, just make your own.” To be honest she said, “What The Fuck”, do it yourself.” This is her way of talking. She was once bleeped on a national television program for using the F Word. To say she is her own person is an understatement. I must add, she is more beautiful in person that you can imagine. The girl glows.

30 years later, and I am still following her advice.

I started purchasing vintage jeans years ago with the help of a couple of stellar individuals (shout out to my Sister, Judy and my nephew, Henry). My beloved Sister has been known to hop a plane from Dallas, Texas (11 hours!!!) and fly to Paris carrying a few suitcases brimming with old jeans. Great excuse for an emergency visit to Paris!!! We will stop at nothing for an excuse for a visit!!! I am very fortunate to have an understanding Bro-In-Law. Shout out to Gene. I know you understand our schemes. They continue.

Luckily, I found a great seamstress in Paris, who knows exactly how to take those jeans apart, sew them into the Perfect Vintage Jean Skirt and hand fringe them as well. Hand embroidered initials are my way of personalizing mine. As you can see, I did this one in Gold Thread. My kind of fancy.

Yesterday, I had a visit to the shop from my beautiful daughter and her beautiful golden retriever, Django. India was kind enough to indulge her Mom with a few photos while walking Django around the block. Spontaneous photo shoot!!!

I do not plan a look the day before (think that shows, LOL). Normally, I start with something that I am in the mood for…….pair of shoes, skirt, sweater or whatever to get me started putting myself together. This governs the rest. That one article that makes you feel good and fits your mood for the day. 

Explaining my STYLE is useless and would be presumptious, because to throw that word STYLE around so recklessly would be irreverent in my book. ‘Nuff said. So, when someone says they like my style……Honestly…..I am a bit embarrassed, because I feel my mood for the day does not mean Style.   I replace the word style with the word look. Style is ever lasting. Look is for the day. Lots less responsability. I am capable of handling a look for a day. You girls understanding me here? Sounds confusing? Nah, don’t worry about it. Just me trying to explain me being me. No STYLE!!!

I had a friend ask me if I was going back to school the day I wore this…….Exactly how I was feeling, Charlotte. You hit the nail on the head!!!

So, my recipe for this look?

Bespoke John Lobb loafers worn with navy cashmere roll down socks. I wore one of my beloved Crimson cotton shirts with a navy cashmere crew neck for back to school warmth. Pulled out that silk scarf I paid 10 euros for at the flea market (drawings of all the chateaux in the Loire Valley) and threw on my 20 year old wool navy blazer with well worn and now tarnished golden crest.

My feel good moment was when I pulled out my gold chained charm necklace that started the day my daughters gifted me with a gold medallion engraved “India and Tatiana”on one side and “Love”on the other. Now, that puts me in an incredibly good mood and a smile on my face. A look I can appreciate everyday!!!

Love to you all………..Linda

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