So What’s New With You?

Oh, yea…Here we go again. No more empty promises. Not even to myself. Especially not to you.

Oh, I don’t know what to say anymore. Seriously, this is getting old, right? I get on line, I explain my absences, and then I just start all over again…….Longer absences. There are definitely blockages here. 

Same thing with sports. Last spring I started a regime and stuck to it everyday for 3 months. I was feeling so good about myself………psychologically and physically. Then, I stopped for a specific reason for one week and then…..Guess what? That has been 6 months, and I still have not started back. There are definitely blockages here as well.

Thing is I think about it everyday. Thing is I try to advance on so many things everyday. Thing is I am extremely attention deficit and I spread myself so very thin in the midst of my desire to write my blog.

You know what? I go to my boutique around 10:00 a.m. everyday and stay until after closing hour at 8:00 p.m. Lucky me……’Cause I love my boutique, I love my team and I love my work. My long working day is effort and concentration and a desire to get it right. There are so many things to get right. I need to get my collections right for my clients. They deserve the best effort I can give. There are so many choices out there, and if Crimson is privileged to have a lovely person walk through our door, my team and I need to be ready to give them a nice experience. We truly try and make our clients happy. If we cannot find that one article they might be searching for, then our greeting and goodbye should help a bit with their disappointment. My team always walks the client to the door when they are leaving……….as they would a guest in their own home. That’s important after all. 

My boutique measures only about 40 square meters, but it is packed with beautiful cashmere sweaters and a collection of scarves to compete with Le Bon March (the best Parisienne department store). Yes, I have become passionate about beautiful scarves. Seriously, if you cannot find a scarf chez Crimson to fit a need or fill your desire, then you Just Ain’t Serious about a scarf!!! 

Now, speaking about all of this fabulous merchandise, let me excuse myself on another level. Dear Dear Dear. My website is a disaster!!! I do not seem to have the time to replenish stock on it or find a team to remake pretty photos to show the pretty pieces. Full time job, you see. Thing is I do not have the time and have not had the good fortune to find someone I feel can do the job the way I think it should be done. Yes, perhaps I do romanticize the problem a bit. I just want it to be so inspiring while showing those beautifully made cashmere sweaters. There are so many stories to be told concerning Crimson’s treasure trove of gorgeous articles. 

Afterall, Crimson is about beautiful cashmere basics. We have beautiful colors as well. So, I beg your pardon on that level as well. See, I have a lot of things to work on. There are definitely some blockages there.

Tired of hearing  about my blockages. ME TOO!!! What’s a girl to do!!! I truly want to change and become one of those super organized totally in shape Wonder Women that I see on TV (that’s a lie, ’cause I don’t have a television, but I hear about them) and read about them in the magazines. I am beginning to ask myself serious questions about my ability to learn to move forward in a more productive and seductive manner.

I read a book about guardian angels this summer. I learned a lot about the hierarchy of angels and their jobs and how we might communicate with them when in need. So, I speak with mine a lot these days since learning I have absolutely the right to do so. What a relief!!! I always say “Thank you for listening” afterwards as well. 

I thank you for listening as well………Sending love to you all……..Linda

Worn for this most recent confession of mine is Crimson’s new lambswool and cashmere blend poncho. I worked for months to get this poncho just right. It is made in a beautiful mill in Scotland (top secret!!!). I can even have your initials embroidered on it as I did mine. I am all about making it personal. It comes in blue denim with a lighter blue interior, camel with a cream colored interior or a dark grey with a cloud grey interior. Nice, NO? Price is 650 euros……personal initials and shipping is my gift. Nope, not on the website. If you cannot live without one,  just send enquiries on our e-mail found on the website. Honestly, I did not start this post to sell you a poncho, but what the hell!!! They are wonderful and why should I keep it to myself. Why wait on my website being updated. That ain’t gonna happen anytime soon. LOL

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