Cream, Ivory, Off White, Egg Shell, and Butterscotch!!! | Linda V Wright

These pictures were taken earlier in the spring in front of the Grand Palais in Paris. One of those fabulous days when the first rays of sunshine actually warm your face and soothe your soul, ’cause you know more of those days are on their way.

This day marked my official “break-up” with my winter coat day.  However leaving it behind was complicated.  I loved the idea of rebelling against that need to be COVERED UP!!! So, I did what I needed to do in order not to go back to that tired winter coat.

 I went a little extreme.  I took everything out of my closet that would eventually match and make me warm while not having to button up. I am now laughing at all the toil and trouble it took. When you are ready to let go, nothing will stand in your way!!!

All knitwear by Crimson

 Ribbed cashmere fisherman’s bonnet

Lambswool long oversized cardigan

Camelhair, silk and cashmere scarf

Cashmere fringed poncho

Classic Chanel Bag

Chocolate Brown Heschung boots

NOW, that is all over!!! Spring has truly sprung!!!

I cannot leave you without expressing my heartfelt gratitude to all you wonderful ladies who left me such lovely and heart warming messages. Your kind words lifted me to the sky with a smile.