Modern Day Princess……..Leily

Our fair Leily……..a modern day Princess. She was quick to capture my attention. We have seen her beautiful Mother…….we have seen her Mother’s beautiful mother. Then along came Leily…….third generation of a lineage of remarkable Iranian women.

Leily came into the shop searching for a piece of cashmere that suits her lifestyle. She is a college student on the eastern seaboard of the United States, part time Parisienne resident and most definitely a Global Citizen. She is an active member of her generation of young people who dream of making this world one of peace and harmony and are working towards that very goal.

It would be unfair to Leily to discuss her obvious “prettiness”. She is much more complicated than this. Striving to accomplish something positive on so many more levels.

Just call me PROUD to see you rocking Crimson’s Poncho on your Global Quest for something good.

Crimson will vote for you on anything you put your mind to. This is called Blind Faith. You deserve it, young lady.


Matia Baroni4 Comments