The Winter of My Disenchantment | Linda V Wright

I could talk about it or I could just get on with my blogging. Some six months later.Mentally and physically exhausted. Could pretend it did not happen but then again……….why lie……….it was sooo real. I thought about you everyday. I wanted to speak with you everyday, but I was tired and could not seem to handle anymore than the running of my boutique and trying to figure out my fatigue. I spoke about it with myself. Why am I so tired? Honestly I have decided it amounts to many things. Worrying about people I love and praying that they are healthy and happy. Worrying about pleasing my clients with a new collection each season. Being disappointed by individuals who proved themselves to be totally dishonest on every level imaginable. Ignoring the fact that I am slowing down and do not want to slow down!!! Unhappy with myself because my total lack of desire to continue my exercise regime. Not finding that perfect glass of bordeaux at the end of the day. Oh, wait……….is that really a good reason to be discontented!!! I just want a glass not a bottle!!!

It has been a truly tough winter, and I am so glad to feel the sun on my face. I have decided that I must, for my own sanity, take mini breaks and seek out the sun in order to feel good. I am thinking it is as simple as that. Give me some time to test my new theory, and I will get back to you!!! Meanwhile, can we just take up where we left off.I missed you very much, and I hope you missed me.

Oh, and another revelation. I can no longer carry my heavy camera around. I mean at all. Just cannot carry it even for one hour. That was a rude reckoning. I kept thinking it would pass, but it has not. Currently I am looking for the perfect companion camera that is light on my back and easy on my mind. All suggestions welcome.

I read recently that the pain of things that are ending can be a disguise for the beauty of new beginnings. Let’s go with this.

Special thanks to my daughter India who took these photos and who dealt with the disenchantment of her mother’s moods for this long winter. I believe in you. You believe in me. You’re my sweetheart………

Shout out to my new backpack that carried me through the winter. Prada’s dark navy nylon wonder bag……….and my savior for the while. NOT giving it up even if my friends and co-workers cannot stand seeing it another day.

Valentino’s silk butterfly pyjama pant worn with Crimson’s classic cotton shirt. Took me two months to decide to buy them after trying them on numerous times. Talk about slowing down!!! The salesgirl was so ready for me to come to a halt.

Stubbs and Wootton’s green velvet slippers………visit their website. Had mine shipped from Palm Beach to Paris. So exotic!!!

Crimson’s heather green crew neck sweater and matching poncho.

Saturday night and I am feeling good. The sun will come out tomorrow. Betcha bottom dollar.

P.S. INSTAGRAMING is my new passion. Follow me with this address: @lindavwright