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Saint Laurent has a new ballet shoe!!!

This ballerina flat is perfection for me as it is cut very deep which gives a more delicate look to the foot. It is like a low cut bodice and shows just a “hint of a toe”. Maybe that says nothing to you, but I find that rather sensual and pretty.

My first thought was to buy the basic black and be done with it. Well, that story was short lived when I was presented with what was left in my size……….you see there are every color in the rainbow and one more pretty than the other……… when I realised I could be the proud owner of the black and metallic leopard and the RED ( have always wanted red ballet shoes), I said YES.

So, there you have it!!! My burst of Spring Fever…………..

Heidi Slimane, who is the new creative director of Saint Laurent did a beautiful video with his new ballet shoe.

Just google Saint Laurent ballet video and enjoy a great little film.


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