Dusty Rose

Is there an age for colors? You know what I mean by that, ladies. My personal experience has been that as I become older, certain colors lose their charm and other colors look reborn.

Take the color PINK for a vivid example. Pink has always been a go to color for me for femininity. Instantly I feel more “girly”. However, these days, I find that certain “pinks” just look wrong on me. Dusty rose or pale pinks seem to do the trick, however.

Crimson’s “old rose” bolero is a classic in my shop, and on this day teamed with my Valentino red and dusty rose flats gave me just the amount of color I needed to get me through the day.

APC is a fave brand of jeans for me, and now they sell recycled vintage ones in their shop in the Marais. Open on sundays………YAY!!! Paris is poor for shops open on sundays in case you did not know. Government rules!!!!

Excellent semaine……..Spring is definitely in the air.


Matia BaroniComment