What A Girl Needs

Well, that is what I think…….My daily dosage of philosphy. Every girl NEEDS a pink cashmere “something” in her wardrobe. I preach this every day in my shop, and most of my clients are totally in agreement. Then there is the “rebel” out there who does not feel it.

Along comes Kelly!!! Just last week Kelly wanted to indulge herself in a new Crimson scarf. Her heart said the blue ombre, because as she put it, “I am not a pink girl”. WRONG!!! Kelly, just try it, please. I pleaded my case for a few minutes saying she was perfectly pretty and adorably girly in that more than pale, pale, pastel pink cashmere wrap. Femininity at its finest if you will.

Hesitating still……..I begged for a photo shoot to prove my case. She was NOT taking my word on this!!! Oh, these young adults think they know it all………and to be fair, Kelly has a great sense of style…………but still, just give it a 5 minute “try on” was my last bargaining plea.

Now, does that girl need that pink scarf or what!!! Better yet……..That pink scarf NEEDS Kelly!!!

Bisous de Paris, Linda

P.S. Kelly has her own blog now……..just google Kelly Nigel Atmosphere. Spreading her wings and doing her own thing.


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