No Moral Lessons...... Just Talking With You


I am not a religious person. I do not adhere to any organized religion or any political party. NONE. However, I do appreciate wholeheartedly the idea of trying (and I do mean trying) to be the kindest person one can be. I do think this is the most simple way of being the best of yourself and being happy while doing so. Try not to limit this. Reach out and include The Other Person. Look at The Other Person with as much positive motivation that your heart will allow. Grab the opportunity to show others they are worthy of your kind regard. By The Other Person, I mean All Others. Do not limit your possibilities of kindness to your family, your friends or those who share your views. You have surely read or heard these same words in some form or another. Perhaps you have not reacted or conscientiously acted upon trying to employ the idea in your day. Let us try. ALL we can do is try and we can ALL try.

Some days I fail miserably, and I know when I have failed. It happens. However, being aware and regretting the opportunity is already allowing for another Try. There will always be the next opportunity. You can only feel good when you know you have succeeded in bringing a smile to another person or just showing someone you cared to connect for even a brief moment. No one is immune to a smile or an attempted acknowledgement of their existence. We all have limitations in these areas of connection. Let us respect those as well. 

Now about this cold weather in Paris!!! We are talking below 0 degrees. Rare in Paris. Seriously, I need a beach break, and it will happen soon.

Still looking for the right beach. I am not giving myself limitations on distance. As soon as I have wrapped up my Spring-Summer 2017 collection (yes, I am very very late and yes, it has been a tough tough few months work wise), I will hop a plane and find myself on an uncrowded beach where the sand makes sounds beneath my feet and the water tells me to swim further and further.

If you have any advice and or experienced words to relate, I would be very HAPPY to receive them. Do not hold back!!!

Following are some of my ideas:

Kerala and an ayruvedic health spa but which one?

Sydney, Australia but is 10 days enough when considering the distance.

The Philippines……..Where in the Philippines?

Some beach in South America except my daughter is planning a trip there and surely she does not want to run into me. However, there are many beaches, right? Hope she does not read this!!!

Tulum, Mexico as I have heard wonderful things about it. Only wonderful things.

Southern California is closer to Texas…….where my heart roams the open plains of West Texas.

The Keys in Florida……..Hemingway loved it.

Harbour Island……..dying to go to Harbor Island.

As you can see, I am wide open to an adventure!!!

Hugs from Here………



P.S. These are a few of my favorite things to wear during this cold weather.

Arthur and Fox navy wool coat. Once again……men’s version and in an extra heavy wool.

Crimson’s navy beret. Made in France!!!

Crimson’s V neck sweater for men. Can’t help it!!! Allows for more layering underneath.

Crimson’s fine cashmere t-shirt for ladies is layered under that man’s V. See, I can wear ladies things!!!

Crimson’s navy polka dot silk scarf. Men or Ladies welcome to use, please.

Prada’s heavy wool navy pant.

Crimson’s purple wool socks. Men’s because I have a big foot and can wear our smallest size. 

Church’s black oxford shoe……..For ladies.

My collection of Apriati bracelets. My passion.

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